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Preclinical MRI

Wide-bore Research MR System

While our in-house application development will continue to focus on developing applications for the young patients, we have been approached to offer this system also for MR research. This product is packed with MRI innovations: a dry HTS-based magnet, a 44 cm magnet bore, a fully digital console and the fact that this is the first MR system understanding and talking MR#, a new language for defining MRI applications.

Innovation Highlights

IMG_1262 1.jpg

Long lasting Magnet

Since no helium is used at all, the cryostat is no longer welded, but it is hold together by screws, and can be opened and closed in case this is required by deep magnet service. Further, it can be considered to reconfigure the magnet with re-using the cryostat, due to a generic fixation system of the magnet core. 

Conductive Cooling

Our magnet is the first superconducting MRI magnet which completely dispenses with the use of liquid helium as a coolant, solely relying on conductive cooling. Customer advantages include lower running costs and easy installation and service; e.g. no quench pipe is required any more for evacuating the evaporating helium in the case of a quench. 


System Configurability

Field strengths up to 14T can be manufactured upon request. First devices with 1.5T field strength can already be purchased as pre-series devices. Further individual configurations include the gradient system, the console with respect to multiple transmit and receive channels, and RF coils tailored to your needs.

Digital Console

There is no oscillator in our system resonating at the Larmor frequency. Instead, this critical frequency of every MR experiment is just a software parameter, for transmitting and receiving MR signals. As a result, you will find this system to operate at an extremely precision, up to nanosecond precise inner-sequence timing. 

Digitale Netzwerkkabel


The Neoscan Solutions MR system has a bore opening of 44 cm without gradient system and RF system. Thus, the system can be used for all types of preclinical research projects.


MR sequences for the Neoscan Solutions MR system base on a newly developed language of MRI called MR#. The language enables an easy, powerful, and accurate MR sequence development. By only 5 tokens, all kinds of MR sequences can be described. With our matching user interface SketchMR, sequence elements can be puzzled together simply by drag and drop. The application also provides a live preview of the k-space and reconstructed image during sequence composition.

sketch mr.PNG

First MR Images

still imaging.png
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