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Neoscan solutions MRI research and development

Research and Development

Neoscan solutions MRI digital revolution

Digital Revolution in MRI.

Sampling to nanosecond precision.

Anker 1

Innovation at the Neoscan MRI System

Clean design

Human simplicity

Neoscan Solution MRI system

Touch UI

Easy to use

Open system

All organs covered

Stray field

< 10m²

Patient bed

Designed for holding infants

Total mass

< 2 tons


The MRI-System which is currently being developed by Neoscan Solutions is not commercially available in all countries. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

Technical Information


Field strength 

1.5T superconducting




18 cm DSV

Patient bore

30 cm

Magnet mass 

< 2 tons

Stray field 

< 10 m²

Gradient System

Gradient strength

up to 80 mT/m

Slew rate 

up to 200 T/m/s

RF System

RF coils 

body coil, surface coils

RF receive channels 

up to 32




Organs covered

Brain, Head, Spine, Abdomen, Heart, Angio, MSK

User interface

Anker 2


Intuitive and easy usage of the MRI by a Tablet PC

Neoscan solutions MRI Touch UI
Neoscan solutions MRI  images
Neoscan solutions MRI images
Anker 4

First Images

Experimental Still Imaging at 1.5T

Spin Echo, 256 x 256 Imaging Resolution at 400 mm squared FoV, TA = 2 min


Neoscan solutions MRI fruits images
Anker 3
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