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Hot weather, cool team!

Magdeburg, June 30, 2024

Just like our magnets, our colleagues run reliably and efficiently, even at higher temperatures! Hence, Neoscan Solutions joined the annual corporate relay race in Magdburg with two teams, joining forces with our amazing partners and investors from the GETEC Group.
Since April 1, we had been logging our kilometers, turning our individual runs into collective progress. For us, it's not about the final standings. It's about reaching the goal together as a team and enjoying the journey!

Neoscan in Nottingham


Nottingham, June 21, 2024

Our UK representative, Andrew Lonergan, absolutely enjoyed the dynamic exchange at the Joint Fetal and Neonatal Society Conference 2024 hosted by the University of Nottingham! The event was highly insightful, offering us the perfect platform to introduce our pediatric MRI neo315 directly to professionals who can greatly benefit from its use.

We sincerely appreciate the engaging conversations at our booth. These interactions are crucial for advancing neonatal and pediatric care.

What will tomorrow be like?


Magdeburg, June 8, 2024

This question not only drives us in developing future MRI solutions but was also the headline of the Tomorrow Labs science festival at the Port of Science in Magdeburg. This newly conceived event, a counterpart to the Long Night of Sciences, brought science enthusiasts right to our doorstep. Thus, we welcomed them to engaging tours through our production facility. Over 200 visitors gained insight into how MRI images are created, what Neoscan's vision is, and how we are already bringing it to life with the pediatric system neo315.

Many visitors were impressed that Neoscan's high-tech products are developed, manufactured, and distributed right here in Magdeburg. For us, there couldn't be a better location, embedded within the STIMULATE research campus. We highly appreciate the interest and direct exchange with our guests.  That made the evening fly by.

IMG_4827 - klein.jpg

Copyright: K. Graubaum/IMG Saxony-Anhalt

Peek into Neoscan Solutions: A Company Insight

A company profile by IMG Saxony-Anhalt
Magdeburg, May 15, 2024

Take a look behind the scenes of Neoscan Solutions with a company profile about us, written by Katrain Graubaum on behalf of IMG Saxony-Anhalt. Discover our vision, mission, and  motivation that led to the founding of Neoscan in 2017.

VORSPRUNG - Neoscan Solutions honored at the Federal Chancellery

Berlin/Magdeburg, May 15 2024


Exciting News! Our team has been honored with the prestigious VORSPRUNG business award at the Federal Chancellery this evening!

This recognition is the result of our team's dedication, passion, and collaborative spirit in creating reliable solutions for tomorrow's healthcare and to make MRI more accessible and sustainable. We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us along this journey: our employees, partners, customers, and investors.

This award highlight our commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, setting a standard for the future of the economy in Eastern Germany and beyond. Nominees were selected by a committee comprising business development organizations, investment banks, and state representatives, underscoring the significance of this achievement.

neo315 at GNPI in Munich

Munich, April 2024


The 50th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine (GNPI) will take place in Munich from April 17-19, 2024. In keeping with the motto "Learning together from children and shaping the future", we will be presenting our pediatric MRI neo315. It is also our aim to shape the future of radiation-free diagnostics for the most vulnerable patients. neo315 makes hospital stays easier for the young ones and offers advantages for medical professionals and children's hospitals at the same time. Furthermore, together with MedCare Visions® GmbH, we are presenting a solution that enables thermal management for premature and newborn infants in our neo315 MRI. We are very much looking forward to the professional exchange and to gaining further insights into the continuous development of our products. 


Neoscan Solutions at the GPR at the University of Vienna

Vienna, September 2023

Neoscan Solutions participated in the 60th annual meeting of the Society for Pediatric Radiology (GPR). In the spectacular ballroom of the University of Vienna, we engaged in exciting discussions on the topic of 'Safety Culture in Pediatric Radiology.' During this event, we had the opportunity to present our pediatric point-of-care 1.5T MRI, the neo315, which places a special focus on the safety of the youngest patients. The picture shows the Neoscan team alongside Professor Dr. Renz (far right), Head of Pediatric Radiology at Hannover Medical School and Vice President of GPR.

neo315 gets the CE certification

Magdeburg, July 2023

Neoscan Solutions is proud to announce the official CE certification for the neo315 1.5T MR system. We are happy to have achieved this goal - it is a really good team effort. With the certification, Neoscan Solutions can begin working with medical facilities across Europe to provide MR imaging directly on the neonatal and pediatric wards to improve patient care.


neo315 is now CB certified

Magdeburg, March 2023

Neoscan Solutions has reached a new milestone by getting the CB Certification for the neo315 device. This is a crucial step in the development of a medical device, ensuring that the essential safety and performance requirements are met in accordance with the IEC 60601-1 and 60601-2-33. Last but not least, the device has been certified with two EMC CB certificates, which allows the use of the device in either a shielded or unshielded room. We are proud and happy to achieve this goal with a good coworking relationship with the TÜV SÜD.


MHH Hannover: Rolling in the neo315 for testing

Hannover Nov 2022


For the first time, we rolled the neo315, our novel pediatric MRI system which brings along its RF “cabin”, into a hospital, i.e. MH Hannover, Germany. We are collaborating with their Radiology and PediatricPneumology teams on a project on pediatric lung imaging, funded by the Federal German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). For now, we performed the usability testing and a test siting, bringing the system along and taking it back home with us, which was not a big deal at all. Testing was highly efficient and successful and the participation from the MHH staff was outstanding. 

DSC00713 (1).jpg

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Magdeburg

Magdeburg, Aug 2022

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was visiting the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg at the Research Campus Stimulate. Neoscan Solutions feels highly honored by the opportunity to have a quick conversation with him about our innovations in the field of MRI, among them our novel magnet technology based on a high temperature superconductor. The approach allows to improve the accessibility for pediatric patients to MRI, or to build ultra-high field magnets such as a 14T adult MRI. 


Neoscan Solution verifies the first local RF-Shielding of a 1.5T MRI system

Hannover, May 2022

We got our local RF shielding solution verified against the EMC norm, at the product test lab of TÜV Süd. It worked out of the box. It was not to be expected, when in last November we struggled to find the root cause of some higher harmonics exceeding the norm limit by several 10 dBµV/m. This feature is so important for our customers, as - in combination with the low mass of the system, the dry magnet and its compact stray field - this 1.5 MR system can be located anywhere in the hospital and close to the neonatal and paediatric patients, without installing an RF cabin, i.e. without impacting clinical operations. 



Donation handover to FRÜHerLEBEN e.V. in Hannover

Hannover, Nov 22 2021

To provide preterm babies a better start in life: The FRÜHerLEBEN e.V. organization in Hanover is helping families with preborn babies to make the often long stay in the NICU easier during the first weeks of the little ones' lives. We also think that preborn infants deserve the best and we started a donation campaign to the organization with the not spent money from our Christmas party, which was canceled due to Corona. The handover took place in front of the children's hospital of the MHH (Hannover Medical School) and the sum was spontaneously raised up to 5,000 € by further donations. You find more information about the work of the organization on frü



A visit from our Minister of Science

Magdeburg, Aug 2020

Armin Willingmann, Minister of Science, Economy, and Digitization of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, takes a closer look at our new, fully digital MRI system. Prof. Dr. Willingmann’s visit was part of his tour to “Center of Excellence”, which are highly innovative companies and research institutions with growth potential. We at Neoscan Solutions feel highly honored by his visit, we are grateful for the State's support and the grants we are receiving, and we are looking forward to building a product to the advantage of the young patients, here in Magdeburg.



Our first ever RSNA at Chicago

Chicago, Nov 2019

Neoscan Solutions acquired our first MRI images and made our way into USA and went public at RSNA. We were a huge success in Chicago and had the best time networking and meeting like minded people who too have a passion for what we do and aim to acheive.

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