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MRI for the Most Vulnerable Patients

MRI in Pediatric Imaging

CE Certified

Newborns and infants can have a variety of complications in their first months and years of life. The earlier a child is born, the higher the risk of any mal- and dysfunction of the body. To save life and prevent long-term disorder, possible damage must be recognized as early as possible.

The common imaging methods for diagnosing pediatric diseases are Ultrasound and X-ray. For infants, MRI is a much gentler imaging alternative since the patients are not exposed to radiation and not physically touched.

MRI offers high-resolution imaging of all organs with an excellent soft-tissue contrast, which reveals – in the hand of trained experts - many pediatric problems such as congenital malformations, acute bleeding in the brain, neurological disorders or inflammation and tumors. But MRI examinations usually require sedation of the newborn, and the transports to the radiological departments are often long, effortful, and sometimes risky for the patients. Although there is a high medical interest in MR imaging, it is to date not the main imaging method that is used in pediatric care daily life.

For this reason, Neoscan Solutions is devoted to develop a new MRI system especially for the most vulnerable patients, to expand their diagnostic options and making MRI simple and available whenever and wherever it is needed. Our system is adapted to the individual requirements and needs of newborns and infants.

Clinical Need

Radiation-free imaging also for newborns and infants

We want to give the most vulnerable patients the opportunity to be diagnosed at the same high standards as we as adults. Especially in pediatrics there are many questions for which MRI offers profound answers. In contrast to radiation-based radiological examinations, MRI can be used without hesitation and without weighing up the pros and cons. With the Neoscan MRI System, all organs can be examined. For us, this is the future of imaging, especially for infants.



*neo315 - 30cm wide patient bore with 1.5 Tesla magnet

Point-of-care Pediatric MRI

Easy to use

The first 1.5T
point-of-care system

Superior patient comfort and safety

No compromise in image quality & applications 


The most innovative MRI in the field

Due to the strong magnet shielding, all patient support equipment is operated safely in immediate vicinity of the system; only the equipment which enters the safety-zone must be MR-compatible. Patient monitoring and support do not have to be interrupted during patient positioning and examination.


The neo315 has been officially CE certified and is now available in the European Union.

neo315 is not commercially available in all countries. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

Touch UI

Intuitive and easy usage of the MRI 

images are sent to the hospital IT system for reading

system adapts to the patient's conditions to achieve optimal results for each patient

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